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Anal numbing lube is a lot like cilantro in that the opinions about it are very strong and very divided. Nobody seems to have a centrist's point of view about numbing lube- it's pure love or pure hate. If you ask one person what they think about it, they will regale you with a gushing ode to this modern marvel of butt-pain alleviation, but ask another person about it and you might be treated to a fire and brimstone sermon on the grave dangers of this demon lube sent from the very pits of hell itself to destroy humanity one clenched sphincter at a time. Like most things, it's more a matter of how you use it, and why.

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A little preparation will help a lot.

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Expedited shipping available. Anal sex can be overwhelming, and sometimes, you need a little help from your lubricant. Passion is a desensitizing lubricant, designed to gently numb the nerve endings in the anus. It uses a long-lasting, water-based formula to provide plenty of slick lubrication as any veteran will tell you, lubrication's an essential part of anal experimentationand it's formulated to allow for easier penetration and more pleasurable experience for both partners.

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